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Guiding You Through Your Journey to a Harmonious Life

I’m Eva Staniforth, a passionate and dedicated wellness and balance coach. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join you on your quest for a life filled with vitality, tranquillity and purpose.

My own journey towards holistic well-being began with a deep realisation of the interconnectedness of our mind, body and spirit. Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in the study of mindfulness techniques and personal growth strategies. This exploration has not only transformed my own life but has fuelled my desire to guide others towards similar transformation.

Life’s demands can often leave us feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and depleted. I believe that everyone deserves to experience a life brimming with joy, balance and fulfilment. My purpose is to provide you with the tools and support needed to navigate life’s challenges, unearth your inner strength, and cultivate lasting well-being.

At the core of my coaching philosophy is the belief that true wellness encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. My personalised coaching sessions are designed to address your individual challenges and cultivate positive change from within.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in creating a safe and non-judgemental space for personal growth. I view each individual as unique, with their own aspirations and hurdles. Through a combination of personalised coaching sessions, mindfulness practices, goal-setting techniques, and actionable strategies, we’ll work together to create a roadmap that aligns with your goals. I am committed to being your partner, motivator, and confidant as you embark on this transformative journey.

With a strong foundation as a certified coach and ongoing training towards becoming an accredited coach, I bring a wealth of practical experience in the field of wellness and balance coaching. My journey has equipped me with the skills to personalise my approach, ensuring that I can effectively cater to the unique needs of each individual. I am dedicated to guiding you on a transformative path to well-being, drawing from both my certification and real-world expertise.